Blue Phantom²

Beam Commissioning and Annual QA.

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Key Benefits

  • Fastest: Linear Diode Array enables 5 times faster beam profile scanning
  • User Validated Leveling in 2 minutes without need for secondary checks
  • Most Accurate: Certified +/- 0.1 mm accuracy for the entire scan range
  • Pinpoint detector positioning throughout lifetime with unique touch-less sensor technology
  • Most Reliable: Global leader in supply, innovation and support of water phantoms
  • Over 4000 water phantom users worldwide

Fastest, most Accurate and most Reliable Linac commissioning and regular QA

Quality beam scanning is the cornerstone for treatment planning and delivery accuracy. The Blue Phantom² embodies decades of expertise, research, and experience, providing you the best in water phantoms.

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I have been using IBA's Blue Phantom and the innovative linear diode array during the commissioning of my Trilogy and Novalis TX Linacs. The capability to acquire profiles instantly, allowed me to collect all beam data in a fraction of the time. The speed of the Linear Diode Array versus a single detector is unmatched in the industry.

R. Rodebaugh

Ph.D / Chesapeake General Hospital, Chesapeake, VA.

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