MatriXX - Universal Detector Array

MatriXX ionization chamber detector arrays are designed for fast and accurate verification of patient dose, as well as Linac QA.

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Key Benefits

  • Unique universal detector for Patient QA & Machine QA: both applications powered by the myQA global QA platform.
  • Fast & Intuitive: from measurement setup to analysis.
  • Most accurate for rotational and IMRT QA: Shortest 20 ms. data sampling time, high dose rate, & high spatial resolution with 1020 ionization chambers.
  • Most reliable solution: with >1500 systems worldwide.

MatriXX is your ultimate high dose rate and universal solution for rotational Plan Verification and MachineQA - with myQA.

Fastest. Most Accurate. Most Reliable.

MatriXX FFF:

Your Ultimate High-Dose-Rate Solution.

  • FFF Proven: Supports current and foreseen high-dose-rate delivery systems including Varian, Elekta, and Siemens.
  • Flexible: Determined for high-dose-rate, Flattening-Filter-Free, and conventional measurements.
  • Fast: High-end design for workflow efficiency, from setup to measurement and analysis.

MatriXX Evolution:

Your proven detector based on more than 1500 MatriXX systems worldwide.

  • Optimized for conventional, IMRT, and rotational cases delivered in standard dose rate mode
  • Combine with the miniPhantom or MultiCube and Gantry Angle Sensor, to attain the most accurate measurements for verification with myQA Patients.
  • Also suitable for high-dose-rate cases.

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