Faster, more Accurate Relative Dosimetry for TPS Commissioning.

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Key Benefits

  • Faster PT commissioning - significantly earlier patient treatments
  • More accurate commissioning and patient treatments
  • Scan analysis using proven and powerful myQA Accept software

Size Matters

More than double the scanning surface coverage compared to next biggest chamber design available!

Your Benefits:

  • Minimize data loss in PBS scanning
  • More accurate scanning data

Stingray for PBS Scanning

StingRay's unique large scanning diameter minimizes data loss in PBS scanning, thus dramatically reducing the effort typically spent to correct scan data prior to TPS import.
Stingray also maximizes the accuracy of your scan for higher treatment scan accuracy.

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Thanks to myQA and the Sphinx, daily QA at Orsay is done within 15 minutes. myQA is not only used for daily QA but also for weekly QA and monthly QA, both in Pencil Beam Scanning and Double Scattering treatment modes. myQA has given us the ability to have all the machine QA data within one software, and we are considering using it for patient QA as well.

Farid Goudjil

Head of Medical Physics / Centre de Protonthérapie d'Orsay (CPO), France