DigiPhant PT

Fast 2D and 3D measurement for Patient QA in Water

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Key Benefits

  • Measuring 2D and 3D dose distribution in water
  • Analysis of relative and absorbed dose
  • Replaces time consuming manual solutions


  • Fast 2D and 3D Dose Measurement for Patient QA in water
  • Half the time needed for pre-treatment verification, compared to methods using 2D Array detectors and solid water phantom systems.


Most Accurate

  • Positioninig: Detector positioning certified to +/- 0.1mm accuracy of 0,1mm

  • Precision: Unique absolute measurement technology


Most Reliable

  • Complete QA solution from the leader in PT dosimetry

  • Utilizing more than 20 years of PT experience and innovation

Images and Videos

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  • Efficiency & Safety in Proton Therapy