StarTrack* Detector

Your integrated protocol-based QA. Comprehensive and Efficient!

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Key Benefits

  • All main parameters in just one shot
  • 453 air-vented ionization chambers
  • Parallel readout from independent electrometers
  • Automatic k(t,p) correction
IBA_26-10-17_StarTrack 650x530.jpg

Your natural selection for Linac Dosimetry: StarTrack* and myQA Machines

  • All main tests in one shot: dose, profiles, diagonals, energy verification, etc.
  • 453 air-vented ionization chambers with optimized geometry for Machine QA
  • Parallel readout from independent electrometers
  • Patented energy verification method
  • Tabletop or gantry mount (optional gantry holder available)

myQA Machines Dosimetry Plugin - JM Edit

StarTrack* is seamlessly integrated into myQA Machines and myQA FastTrack

Attain instant and real-time analysis using the Dosimetry Plug-in for myQA Machines. With myQA you integrate your dosimetry measurements with all your other QA checks. This enable you to verify and reference easily your daily or monthly QA data with your reference data collected during beam commissioning. 

Convenient beam constancy verification in one single shot. Simply add the build-up plates to your StarTrack* detector.

Build-up Plate: Electron (front)

Build-up Plate: Photon (front)

Images and Videos

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