StarTrack* Detector

Your Universal QA Solution.

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Key Benefits

  • All main parameters in just one shot
  • 453 air-vented ionization chambers
  • Parallel readout from independent electrometers
  • Automatic k(t,p) correction

Your natural selection for Linac Dosimetry

  • All main tests in one shot: dose, profiles, diagonals, energy verification, etc.
  • 453 air-vented ionization chambers with optimized geometry for Machine QA
  • Patented energy verification method
  • Tabletop or gantry mount (optional)

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myQA Machines Dosimetry Plugin - JM Edit

Designed to integrate seamlessly

Attain instant and real-time analysis using the Dosimetry Plug-in for myQA Machines.

Convenient beam constancy verification in one single shot using build-up plates.

Build-up Plate: Electron (front)

Build-up Plate: Photon (front)

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