QA Phantoms

Discover the wide range of machine QA phantoms to meet all of your QA needs.

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Phantoms for Quality Assurance

The phantoms for quality assurance are designed according to IEC/TR 60977 and DIN 6847-5 and adaptable for QA in Radiotherapy and CT simulators. The Cubic Phantom, Disk Phantom and Cylindric Phantom are ideal tools to simplify QA tasks.

Cylindrical Phantom Detail.png

Cylindrical Phantom

Dose constancy and isocenter check

  • Verify the mechanical stability of gantry/imager position (CBCT/EPID) with a small steel ball insert (Winston Lutz Test)
  • Measurement of dose constancy in various gantry angles and rotational beams
  • Adaptors available for most common ion chambers

Disk Phantom Detail.png

Disk Phantom

Isocenter Verification with Film

  • Easy and precise method of verifying isocenter accuracy (e.g. for stereotactic applications, star-shot)
  • Isocenter is determined by an appendant marker


Round CT and RTPS Phantom

With the round CT & RTPS QA phantom, calibration and verification of the TPS and CT simulator can be performed.

It includes a cubic phantom for head and neck, and stereotactic applications (same as the IMRT Phantom), as well as four RW3 adapter shells for upgrading the cubic phantom to a round geometry.

A set of inhomogeneous inserts simulating the lung, adipose, muscles and bones, as well as an insert with water and one of titanium are also offered.