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Your All-in-One, All Connected, All Secure Global QA Platform.

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Key Benefits

  • Integrate all your data and applications into one software platform and one Central Database (SQL)
  • Have full control of your QA data from one interface
  • Accessible throughout your department and even satellites
  • Data safety and compliance with administration rights, central approvals and reporting
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Connecting Applications

  • Patient Plan Verification with myQA Patients
  • Just want to measure? Instant results & real-time analysis with myQA FastTrack
  • Complete range of Machine QA with myQA Machines
  • Commissioning and annual QA checks with myQA Accept
  • NEW: Proton Therapy QA now connects to myQA!

Integrated Quality Assurance Brochure

Integrating and Connecting People

  • myQA integrates your QA across departments & sites
  • Connect all your department-wide QA
    for all your applications
  • Integrate your satellite hospitals. Maintain
    consistency and keep your full QA overview
  • Keep a record of all your QA data on one central server database


Integrating QA Know-how and Support

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Watch recorded Webinar: Integrated Quality Assurance in Radiation Oncology

myQA clinical implementation webinar presented by James P Nunn, MS, CHP, DABR, Senior Medical Physicist and Radiation Safety Officer, LewisGale Hospital Pulaski, USA.

Approved for one credit for CAMPEP, MDCB, ASRT

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  • IBA Dosimetry Mission – Integrated Quality Assurance
  • myQA User Experience
  • Discover how myQA can enhance your daily QA workflow
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