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Key Benefits

  • Generic tests & customizable protocols
  • Full coverage of tests with a flexible scheduling tool
  • Interface to myQA Cockpit for quick access to all QA data
  • Comprehensive analysis, archiving, and reporting tools
  • Protocol based machine QA (including TG-142)

Plug-Ins for all your QA needs

All results can be exported to reports, saved in the myQA central database, benchmarked in the myQA Cloud, and shown in the myQA Cockpit!

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myQA Machines Dosimetry Plugin - JM Edit

Dosimetry Plug-In

  • Perform automated dosimetry tests with the StarTrack* or MatriXX detectors
  • Acquire all key beam parameters in just one shot (dose output, profile analysis, energy verification)
  • Analysis of main axis and diagonals (field size, symmetry, flatness, center, penumbra, light field)

myQA Machines MLC QA - JM Edit

MLC QA Plug-In

  • Perform automated MLC stripe tests ('picket fence test')
  • EPID images & films can be analyzed to determine leaf position accuracy & MLC transmission characteristics
  • Identifies whether any leaf is not in tolerance and which leaf number failed
  • Every pixel of every strip is fitted to a modified Lorentzian curve

myQA Machines - VMAT Plugin - JM Edit


  • Perform automated dynamic MLC QA and VMAT QA
  • Automatic test analysis to verify accurate dose delivery using different dose rates, gantry speeds, and MLC leaf speeds
  • Ensures that the changing rates and speeds during delivery do not adversely affect the delivered dose

myQA Machines EPID Plugin - JM Edit


  • Perform automated imaging QA for planar imaging (kV and MV)
  • Fully automatic with all calculations performed in 5 seconds or less
  • Compatible with all common imaging phantoms

myQA Machines CBCT Plugin - Jm Edit


  • Perform automated imaging QA for CT and CBCT, including contract, contrast to noise ratio, uniformity, HU deviation, spatial resolution, imaging scaling, and more!
  • Compatible with all common imaging phantoms

myQA Machines Isocenter Plugin - JM Edit

Isocenter Check - Winston Lutz

  • Automated isocenter tests (also known as 'Winston-Lutz test') based on EPID or film images
  • Offsets between radiation field & phantom centers
  • 3D offset calculations
  • Supports circular (SRS cones) or rectangular fields (MLC)
  • Supports most Winston-Lutz phantoms

myQA Machines - FastTrack - JM Edit

myQA FastTrack

Measurement Application for StarTrack* and MatriXX

  • Instant display of results and real-time analysis (e.g. for beam steering, start-up behavior)
  • Allows the Linac technician to setup unscheduled tests
  • Import and export of measurements (ASCII)
  • Profile comparison

Images and Videos

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