myQA Accept

Platform-based Beam Scanning: uniquely connected to Patient QA and Machine QA.

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Key Benefits

  • All your QA data connected via one central platform, providing you with full control and accessibility
  • Connect your scan data and use them as your individual “gold standard” reference e. g. for your Machine QA
  • Benchmark your scans anonymously in the myQA Cloud with scans from peers around the world

Your Relative Dosimetry on the Global QA Platform

Scan data integration in myQA

  • Use your commissioning scans as a reference with your other myQA applications (e.g. for machine QA)
  • Benchmark your scan data anonymously in the myQA Cloud

Advanced beam scanning
Efficiency with menu-guided workflows

  • Automatic queue generation
  • Fastest scanning with optimal resolution through scanning speed adaptation

Fully workflow oriented, menu guided software designed to increase your efficiency and to reduce the commissioning and QA time of your Linac.

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IBA has mastered dosimetry software for commissioning and annual QA with myQA Accept. One of the easiest to use and most intuitive scanning and data analysis solutions out there. The first time I used it, after setting up the water tank and probes, I dove right in without having to read the instructions. Within minutes, I was rewarded with smoothed profiles and percentage ionization curves. With a simple click, my ionization curve was converted to a depth dose curve. Easy sidebar navigation made it easy to change the reported analysis of my curve. TG-51 or IAEA values? Four different ways to estimate electron energies. Countless other analysis options simply require a click of a check box. myQA Accept is a great tool that is intuitive, easy to use and stable, saving time (and a little bit of my weekend) when annuals come around.

Robert Krauss

Medical Physicist / St. Francis Hospital, Memphis TN, USA

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