Test Phantom Primus A (Prüfkörper)

For quality checks at digital & conventional radiographic and fluoroscopic X-ray units according to DIN 6868-150, 2013 and constancy test according to DIN 6868-4, 2007.

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Key Benefits

  • Universal use for digital and analog radiography
  • Low- and high-contract resolution test
  • Integrated grid to verify geometrical image distortion
  • Smart design for easy handling
Primus A_X-Ray_MM.png

Advanced design for multiple test parameters

Test the following parameters with Primus A:
➤ Spatial resolution
➤ Verification of used kV-range
➤ Contrast resolution
➤ Alignment of light and X-ray field
➤ Geometry symmetry
➤ Image scale

Images and Videos

  • MagicMaX & Primus - one shot full QA Video
  • Complete Imaging QA Kits - Solution Demo
  • primus A DVT collage.png
  • Primus A stand.png
  • Primus A_X-Ray_MM.png
  • DVT phantom w primus.png