Primus L Test phantom / Prüfkörper

For quality checks at digital & conventional radiographic and fluoroscopic X-ray units according to DIN 6868-4, 2007.

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Key Benefits

  • Universal use for digital and conventional radiography & fluoroscopy
  • Complete contrast determination (dynamic / low contrast)
  • Integrated kV test point gives information regarding the kV range
  • Flexible use with PMMA or 25mm Al attenuator
Primus A_X-Ray_MM.png

Advanced design for multiple test parameters

Image quality test according to DIN 6868-4, 2007.

The following parameters can be verified with Primus L:

  • Direction of the tube axis
  • Dynamic step wedge
  • 16 detail contrast objects with a diameter of 4 mm, depth 2.5 mm in PMMA (for the evaluation of the contrast resolution in each step of the copper step wedge)
  • kV-test area made of Ytterbium, 0.78 mm thick
  • Line cross as center mark
  • Detail contrast objects
  • Unstructured inner area
  • High resolution plumb test 0.6 – 5.0 lp/mm (Dimension of the deposited plate of copper: 1.1 mm)
  • Radiographically visible numbers for indication of the dynamic steps

Images and Videos

  • MagicMaX & Primus - one shot full QA
  • Complete Imaging QA Kits - Solution Demo
  • Primus-L 123.png
  • MagicMaxHV_Set_1.png
  • myQA Machines kV.png