IBA rad/flu 150

Measurement kit for acceptance tests of radiography & fluoroscopy systems, including DVT (DIN 6868-150).

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Key Benefits

  • All in one - All equipment in one case
  • Secure - Everything on hand to perform all tests according DIN 6868-150
  • Universal - One set for Radiography, Fluoroscopy and 3D Systems (DVT)
IBA rad/flu 150 - JM Edit

Acceptance test according DIN 6868-150

This solution, to perform the acceptance test according DIN 6868-150 at radiography, fluoroscopy and 3D systems, will help to perform the necessary tests efficiently and safely.

The Primus A is the state of the art image quality test phantom, which gives an overview about dynamic, low contrast sensitivity as well as resolution of the system. In combination with our MagicMaX with the small foot-print detector, the number of images for the QA can be dramatically reduced. With the included DVT Phantom the user is able to check easily the 3D functionality, with or without patient couch.

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