Complete QA Solution Kit

Your complete solution for QA of Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography and CT.

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Key Benefits

  • Complete solution for all imaging modalities
  • MagicMax Universal high-end Multimeter
  • Includes all phantoms and test plates
  • Convenient transport cases keep you mobile
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Your All-In-One Solution

Keeping you mobile and allowing you to
perform all you imaging QA needs. 

The MagicMaX Universal high-end Multimeter is the heart of your QA kit – enabling you to perform for all needs in beam verification. Including advanced MagicMaX software for fast
and complete dose measurement overview. Plug and Play system allows fast and seamless QA workflow with only ONE minute setup time.

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Image Quality & Dose Control

Complete Solution Kits, all-in-one:
Multimeter & Test Phantoms, Monitor QA

Dose safety for all radiation imaging modalities:
Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography and CT

Over 30 years of innovations:
Proven and certified by leading authorities


Phantoms and Test Plates for all imaging modalities

For the image quality checks of Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography and CT imaging:

  • Primus phantom for digital & conventional Radiography and Fluoroscopy.
  • Test device PASMAM for constancy tests. Quality checks of Mammographic equipment according PAS 1054 (incl. PMMA attenuator)
  • 2-part PMMA Phantom for CT consisting of Adult Head & Body / Pediatric Body
  • Test phantom PASMAM 1054 for Mammography image QA

Images and Videos

  • Complete Imaging QA Kits - MagicMaX Universal Demo
  • IBA - Your full Medical Imaging QA solution provider
  • Radiology QC -- MagicMaX Universal Cases
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  • primus A on couch.png