IQ Analyzer Primus

Software for automatic image analysis and quality checks in digital imaging.

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Key Benefits

  • Automatic image analysis in <10 sec.
  • Speeds up QA process
  • Removes human subjectivity
  • Reporting and documentation of results
IQAnalyzerPrimus-JM Edit

Image Quality Assurance in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Select your images efficiently with loading of DICOM images.
  2. Automatically analyze your images taken with the Primus test plate in less then 10 seconds. The IQ Analyzer software verifies your image quality with quantitative and reproducible results.
  3. Conveniently generate your reports and archive in both PDF and Microsoft® Excel® formats.

Images and Videos

  • IQ Analyzer Primus - Imaging Beam quality check
  • IQA-sw2.png
  • IQA-report.png