MagicMaX Universal

High-end Multimeter solution for all your beam verification needs.

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Key Benefits

  • One powerful device for all radiology imaging modalities: Radiography Fluoro, Mammo and CT
  • Advanced software for fast total overview as well as comprehensive expert level detail and reporting
  • Plug & Play system for fast and seamless workflow
  • Fully modular and expandable MagicMaX tools
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MagicMaX Universal

Multimeter MagicMaX of the latest generation, developed in accordance with IEC 61674 & IEC 61676.
Flexible solution for exact dose- and kV-measurements at all X-ray units incl. CT.
Due to the ability of using different detectors, mAs Probes as well as Light detector, the MagicMax becomes a versitile, powerful and customized solution for the customer needs.
The embedded Excel export the user can simply fullfill the regulatory needs as well as perform in deep performance analyses by using the predefinded templates or create easily own measurement procedures.


We are using the MagicMaX in our institution since 2010. The MagicMaX supported us in our daily routine and has been serviceable in special circumstances. It was found to be very flexible and reliable in it’s usability. Especially the access to the voltage, HVL and wave form in addition to the dosage information was found to be helpful in several cases. In addition the MagicMaX was proven to be a viable tool in professional training settings

Images and Videos

  • Radiology QA Efficiency - MagicMaX 1 min QA
  • Radiology QC -- MagicMaX Universal Cases
  • MagicMaX Universal -- Die Komplettlösung für die Dosimetry in der Diagnostik