Image QA Kits for Radiation Therapy

Beam and Image QA for your CT Sim and IGRT systems.

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Key Benefits

  • QA for your Imaging Dose & Image Quality
  • QA Workflow Efficiency in a single shot
  • Complete Solution Kits: all-in-one & all modalities
  • MagicMaX Multimeter: fast, simple, & accurate

Complete Kits ensure your cutting edge in:

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Complete Dose and Image QA solutions for Linac Imaging systems (IGRT).

As a full QA solution provider, IBA offers a complete range of innovative products for quality assurance in Radiation Therapy as well as in Medical Images. With more and more Medical Imaging moving into Radiation Therapy, it is essential to combine expertise in both areas.

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The most notable feature of the MagicMaX solution is its speed and simplicity of use. The system quickly and automatically records imaging doses and resets following each exposure for serial measurements. From setup to breakdown, my TrueBeam’s kV imaging system is evaluated in 5 minutes. It’s hard to argue against routine imaging QA when such an easy and affordable solution is available.”

Images and Videos

  • Full Medical Imaging QA solutions
  • Complete Imaging QA Kits - Solution Demo
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