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Webinar: Integrated Quality Assurance in Radiation Oncology

AVAILABLE TO VIEW ON DEMAND THROUGH NOVEMBER, 2018: Webinar presented by James P Nunn, MS, CHP, DABR, Senior Medical Physicist and Radiation Safety Officer, LewisGale Hospital Pulaski. *Approved for one credit for CAMPEP, MDCB, ASRT*

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The Old Way

As radiation-oncology clinics transition from paper to paperless environments, more documentation is being stored in computer databases.

Medical-physics documentation was traditionally stored in large binders on a bookshelf and disparate Excel files on a PC hard drive. Historically this was the only option for storing the large volume of data required for regulatory compliance.


Medical Physics for the Modern Era

In the last 5 years many vendors of radiation-oncology quality-assurance (QA) equipment have stepped up to fill this gap. Additionally, QA software is now available that combines the interfacing of hardware with QA systems.

During his lecture, James Nunn covers some of the software packages available from vendors and shares the LewisGale experience in implementing one software package for integrated QA. James concludes his lecture with some of my personal thoughts regarding suggestions for QA software vendors for the future.

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