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World Cancer Day 2018

Join IBA Dosimetry as we participate in World Cancer Day 2018


What is World Cancer Day?

World Cancer Day takes place every year on 4 February and unites the world under a single theme to highlight the on-going fight against cancer. World Cancer Day aims to reduce the number of preventable deaths each year by raising cancer awareness among the general public and pressing governments to take further action against the disease.

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We Can. I Can.

The first step in driving progress around cancer is to push for actions that we know will improve survival rates and give cancer patients a better quality of life. 

Everyone can take steps to reduce their risk of cancer by choosing healthy options including quitting smoking, keeping physically active and choosing healthy food and drinks. Individuals can also reduce their risk of many common cancers by maintaining a healthy weight, and making physical activity part of their everyday lives. 



As a company, IBA is striving to make healthier life choices. On Friday February 2nd, IBA employees are coming together for a Healthy Breakfast Potluck!

Please join us in our journey to make healthier life choices. Tweet us pictures of your healthy breakfast on Twitter @IBADosimetry 

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